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This page is a collection of MIDI and MP3 files that I, Jonathan Mooney, have created. Please feel free to e-mail me at with any comments or suggestions.

MIDI Files

Top 50 MIDI files

Name: Length: Size: Created: Version: Comments:
Numbers 0:41 5 K August, 2001 4.0 Possible MP3
First 0:39 2 K January, 2001 2.0 Written by Janelle
Trumpet 1:58 7 K November, 2001 4.3
Attack 0:42 34 K November, 2001 3.0 Inspired by Army Men and British traffic noises
Orc 2:06 7 K July, 2000 1.0
Myles 2:00 9 K January, 2001 4.0 Excerpt: "You're goin' myles in the fast lane."
Nose 1:35 10 K November, 2001 5.1 Written by Jonathan Mooney and Janelle
Rest 0:20 1 K December, 2000 1.0 A nice brief piano piece
Anna King new 0:39 ? 26 March 2007 ? Unfinished; Dark, but happy in the middle
Genesis 0:51 4 K June, 2001 2.6 Written during Mr. La Ferlita's class
Team new ? ? 25 May 2004 ? Tropical feel
Snow 1:50 9 K March, 2001 5.0 My first attempt at a marketable song
Cellar new ? ? 26 May 2004 ? Filled with anxiety
Start 0:49 2 K December, 2000 2.2
Oooh 0:23 1 K January, 2001 1.0
Poly 0:31 2 K January, 2000 1.0
A Lot 1:00 4 K December, 2000 1.0 Modernized Beatles song
Johnnie Loco 0:48 3 K July, 2000 4.0 My first MIDI file and a surprisingly good song
Disco - Solo 0:32 3 K February, 2002 0.9 A distant cousin of "Numbers"
Move 0:24 3 K Febraury, 2002 3.0
Dreams 0:26 2 K November, 2001 2.0 "House" Version
Sas Fras 0:35 2 K June, 2001 3.0
Coolode 1:07 8 K September, 2000 2.0 Modified Beethoven song
Looking very fat man 0:16 1 K February, 2002 2.0
Kendrich 0:07 3.2 K November, 2001 3.2 Excerpt: "I want my... Kendrich for a dollar!"
Amb new ? ? 21 May 2004 ? Dark, kind of bombastic
Lavery Hoey 0:33 4 K February, 2002 5.0 Written by Stephen Lavery and Jonathan Mooney
The Thinker new ? ? October 9 2007 ? I hope that this will eventually become a much heavier, very catchy song, but that's unlikely.
Chris 0:40 3 K September, 2002 1.0 Yes, that's right. Look for an MP3 soon.
Opera 1:27 6 K September, 2002 0.2
Jihad Baby 0:15 1 K March, 2001 6.0
Surges 0:42 4 K February, 2002 4.0 Written by Stephen Lavery and Jonathan Mooney
One Year in the Mirror 0:39 4 K November, 2001 5.0
Levesque new ? ? 9 December 2005 ? Kind of funky. I don't know where it's going
Dada 0:07 2 K November, 2001 2.0
Order 2:40 1 K February, 2001 1.0
Parting 0:26 2 K June, 2001 1.0
Joe Valencia 0:40 4 K November, 2001 7.1 Written about Joe Valencia running
Ripp 0:48 3 K March, 2002 4.0
Despache 0:07 1 K March, 2002 1.0 My attempt at a Depeche Mode song
Crank 0:42 2 K July, 2000 1.0 A "sleeper" hit that just sort of came
together to make my first great song
Lonely 0:26 2 K January, 2002 2.0
Space Theme new ? ? 7 February 2007 ? If I created a science fiction TV show, this would be the theme song.
Untitled 0:26 2 K March, 2001 1.0
Beat Up 0:25 4 K November, 2001 4.0 Turn your speakers up. It's soft. :-)
Base 1:19 4 K September, 2001 1.0
Slightly Paranoiac Movie Scene new ? ? July 27 2008 ? It's not really "paranoiac" if that's even a word. It would best be played in a movie at the point when the evil clown emerges from the shadows, or something.
Tension Theme new ? ? September 2 2008 ? A nice little ditty
Wow 22 2:09 5 K September, 2000 2.2 The first "awesome" song
Arm Choise new ? ? 29 May 2004 ? Pleasant, fluff


When I feel that a MIDI file is very good or I want to record a song with just vocals, I will record a WAV file. Often, I add effects such as overdubs or vocals and I sometimes change the speed of the track. My best WAV files are changed into MP3 format and uploaded to this page. Have fun!

The Top 10 MP3 files

Name: Length: Size: Created: Version: Comments:
The Best Show Ever 1:40 1.5 M April 1, 2002 2.4 Featured on The Best Show Ever
Got Laves? 0:59 0.9 M January 20, 2002 6.1 A staple at newspaper crunch days
Big & Fat 0:32 0.5 M October 5, 2000 1.0 Written by Bridget Kevane in 1996
Fat Fat Lady 0:33 0.5 M "Late" October, 2000 1.0
La Senora 0:17 0.2 M March 16, 2001 5.0 Introduction only
Slave Song 0:29 0.3 M February 27, 2001 1.0 Not a vegitarian anthem
Nusen 0:06 0.1 M "Early" October, 2000 1.0
Drum Worthy 0:37 0.6 M February 10, 2002 1.0 Proof I could synhesize drums
FALLS 0:19 0.2 M March 16, 2002 4.0
Fear, Anyone 1:14 0.6 M October 19, 2002 2.0 With "weird" ending

Congratulations to "The Best Show Ever". It was featured in Kevin McMaster's public access television show called "The Best Show Ever" on April 1st.


Episode 109: �Kevin Looks For A Mattress�

Starring: Kevin C. McMaster

Featuring: Larry Hollie, Nick Scenna

Introducing: Juan Molina [scene deleted], Mike Keikos [scene deleted], Mr. Driscoll [scene deleted], Paul Greco [scene deleted], Alex Murray [scene deleted], Ted Holland [scene deleted], Bryan W. Lau [scene deleted], Mr. Stephen Ruemenapp [scene deleted, Richard �Worthless� Galante [scene deleted], Adam Weiner [scene deleted], Vicky Melin [scene deleted]

Directed By: Kevin C. McMaster and Larry Hollie

Synopsis: Kevin takes part in a personal crusade in the search of a mattress. Show divided into four segments: �Kevin Looks For A Mattress�, �Part II: The Accident�, �I don�t usually do this, but�.�, and �And Now For Something Completely Different�. Whereas the standard episode takes three hours to edit, this one took half an hour. Also, it is notable that this is the debut of both the new theme song, as well as the first in a series of new titles, this being �Kevin C. McMaster is the Sexiest Man Alive.�

Opening Music: �The Best Show Ever: Top of the Food Chain� by Jon Mooney

Closing Music: �The Best Show Ever: Top of the Food Chain� by Jon Mooney

Interesting Trivia: During the program, the episode states that it is Episode 108, when it is clearly episode 109. That was Kevin playing a clever and witty April Fools joke on all of his faithful viewers. Congrats to all of you at home who picked up on it!

Rated: TV-MA

Original Air Date: 4/1/2

Past text

Well, this is the page where I will publicly release all of my latest musical works. I'll also be uploading some works-in-progress, and since I generally write indirectly about what's happening in my life, you will gain a rare glimpse into my repressed emotional side. Please enjoy the works and send me your opinions.

Typically, when I write a song, I first transcribe the tune I have in my head to MIDI format. From there, I tweak and add to the tune by listening to it or by gaining more inspirtation. Then, I write the lyrics to a few of the very best songs. Finally, I change the MIDI file into an MP3 file and if all goes well, I (gulp) sing the lyrics and mix the two to make a song.

These MIDI files represent the earliest starting point of my songs. I have given them version numbers so that you can see how far along each song is. "Version 1.0" means the tune I originally had in my head. If a song is at less than Version 1.0 it means I have not yet perfected the song that I've thought of and it's therefore incomplete. As I add more tracks/instruments to the song, it goes up to "Version 2.0" etc. Again, a version between two integers means that one track is incomplete/imperfect. The best songs make it to MP3 format.


She gave you every-thing she had...
Did you eat...? No, that was Lavery
They would range from delicious to very delicious.
Ah, mi camisa favorita!

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